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Hal's New Years Wish List

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Of course I wish all of you the best, but here's what I want for ME...

  • No more phone calls during my afternoon nap.
  • Become more, rather than less, co-ordinated
    (or at least stop walking into walls).
  • Get the FBI to give me Elvis' old job.
  • Become the President's analyst
    (of course confidentiality will prevent me from writing about it).
  • (alternative to above)
    Become Monica's dentist's analyst.
    (Think about it.)
  • Have my wife earn more money so I can spend more time working on this web site.
  • Become a regular on Geraldo.
  • Fit into my 34" pants again.
    (Why don't mens pants come in 35" waists?)
  • Be invited to speak at the International Police Chiefs Association meeting on   police stress and departmental morale.
  • Being made an honorary police chief.
  • Not being made an honorary police chief!
  • Last but not least, having you sign my guestbook or participate in the Police Stress forum, and come back to visit the web site next month.

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